M-Plant Perpetual Masters series presents a remastered re-release of Floorplan ‘On The Case / The Deal’.

Pre order Vinyl: Juno

Following the re-mastered re-release of Robert Hood’s ‘Underestimated EP’ in March, which was the first M-Plant release of 2021, the label continue the Perpetual Masters series now with a new vintage Floorplan double-header that has been entitled ‘On The Case / The Deal’.

This EP re-brouts two masterpieces in both digital and vinyl formats, and it\’s scheduled to be out on 25 June 2021. Stay tuned and find full details below. We highly recommend this EP.

‘On The Case / The Deal’ was originally released on M-Plant’s subsidiary label, Duet back in 2001. At the time Floorplan was still in its infancy with just a handful of releases on Drama in the ‘90s, the seminal ‘Paradise’ album had yet to be conceived and Robert’s daughter Lyric Hood hadn’t joined the party.
20 years later and the tracks have now been re-mastered and are ready to set dance floors alight once again!

Cover Artwork.



Artist: Floorplan
Title: On The Case / The Deal
Label: M-Plant
Catalogue No: M.PM037
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release date: 25 June 2021

A. On The Case
B. The Deal

Let\’s go back to 2001\’

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