Charlotte de Witte continues delivering more of her straightforward acid techno music with a new dual release on KNTXT.

I guess Charlotte de Witte will continue doing it, and she wont stop by nothing. She is definitely making a good effort and taking her own KNTXT label to another whole level, bringing a good taste of expectation with every upcoming release. 

It was just a couple of months ago that we were talking about the debut of KNTXT, when Charlotte de Witte in collaboration with techno heavyweight Chris Liebing announced  \’Liquid Slow EP\’, the first release of her label. With Liquid Slow EP Charlotte push it up the label standards really high, and with it, the expectation, as Liquid Slow was a banger in the festival season and stills bringing energy to the best and darker dancefloors in the whole world.

And now, there is more techno delivery from Charlotte de Witte on KNTXT. The Belgian DJ-producer serves up not one but two new EPs in November. This new dual EP is a bold artistic statement from one of techno\’s brightest torchbearers.

Entitled \”Selected EP\” and \”Pressure EP\”, this two upcoming releases are scheduled to go out on November 15, 2019. Between both EPs there are 8 new fresh tracks that takes techno to another dimension of power, energy and acid sounds. Get more energy in Selected EP and get more darker energy in Pressure EP. Pay attention and you will recognize the tracks if you had listened to Charlotte\’s sets lately. You would love the tracks, i can assure that the KNTXT style, you know, the heavy ass techno but classy, remains, and now the label has 3 brilliant EP on their recordings. Stay tuned. Read below for full details.

Meanwhile the previews are up, listen to KNTXT music on soundcloud.  

Overview. Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT label serves up not one but two new EPs on November 15th, both from the label founder herself.  The Selected EP kicks off with the title track, a cantering banger with distorted drums making for pure techno power. \’Form\’ is just as driven and all consuming, this time with some acid lasers shooting across the track. \’Time\’ has a more molten and hypnotic 303 line coming on like sonar pulse over terrorising drums and \’Amar\’ closes with gorgeous synths that suspend you in the cosmos. As for the Pressure EP, it\’s another high octane, wall rattling affair that includes plenty of lush ambient details such as the deep space horizons and spoken word musings of \’Meridians\’ (Vocal Mix) and its cavernous dub version, as well as the edgy and perfectly tense peak time cut that is \’Pattern\’. “The Selected and Pressure EPs are to me, the perfect reflection of the music I have been playing over the years.” says de Witte. “On Selected, people will find straightforward techno with the acid twist that I love to bring to the floor when I’m touring. Its counterpart, Pressure, is an extension of the mixes I bring to my BBC Radio 1 Residency – a more ambient approach that’s rougher around the edges. Both can be seen as an ode to the techno I love and cherish”.  On the subject of the dual release, she adds, “For me, this duality is essential to explore my interests both as a producer and DJ, so it made sense to release them simultaneously, as we also combine our label releases with events and our weekly radio show.\”. This new dual EP is a bold artistic statement from one of techno\’s brightest torchbearers.

Charlotte de Witte – Selected EP – KNTXT002

Cover Artwork. 

Artist. Charlotte de Witte 
Title. Selected EP
Label: KNTXT
Cat.-No.: KNTXT002
Release date: 15/11/19
Pre-order now:

1. Selected
2. Form
3. Time
4. Amar

Charlotte de Witte – Pressure EP – KNTXT003
Cover Artwork.

Artist. Charlotte de Witte 
Title. Pressure EP
Label: KNTXT
Cat.-No.: KNTXT003
Release date: 15/11/19
Pre-order now:

1. Pressure
2. Meridians (Vocal Mix)
3. Meridians (Dub Mix)
4. Pattern

Charlotte de Witte next Tour Dates. 

OCT 16 | Awakenings x Charlotte de Witte presents KNTXT, Amsterdam, Netherlands
OCT 31 | Cloak & Dagger 2019, The Church Nightclub, Denver, United States
NOV 1 | Sound-Bar, Chicago, IL, United States
NOV 2 | Halcyon SF, San Francisco, CA, United States
NOV 9 | Festival Fauna Primavera 2019, Espacio Broadway, Santiago, Chile
NOV 16 | KNTXT, Sportpaleis Antwerp, Belgium
NOV 23 | SWG3, Glasgow
DEC 5 | Spook Club, Valencia, Spain
DEC 20 | Rotterdam Rave, Rotterdam, Netherlands
DEC 21 | We Love Techno, Zürich, Switzerland

DEC 25 | Claydrum, Maastricht, Netherlands

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