Trunkline – Mercy

Trunkline‘s new LP “Mercy”, encapsulates the producer’s pure essence. Freedom, spontaneity, and improvisation are at the core of their productions. The LP is an experimental blend of hard drumlines and heavy distortions. Each track is a playful celebration of the rough and raw textures of techno. The LP is set to be released on the 3rd of June 2022 via the industrial electronic dance label, Arkham Audio.

Tracks description.

The LP starts with “Invasion”, an ever-evolving tune that blends heavy kick, short hit hats, and a variety of synth sounds with an old sample suggesting a potential alien invasion.

Next is “More Perc”, a dark track that puts at the forefront a punchy kick and distorted, rumbling percussion, putting listeners into a trance-like state.

“Vertigo” is built with a coarsy drumline and heavily distorted, glitchy sounds that evoke that sense of pleasant dizziness one gets in the middle of a raving crowd.

“Overlaps” is a vibrant and electrifying tune composed of hard drums, open hi-hats and uplifting synths.

“Lights” is a tumultuous and progressively chaotic hard track with stabbing synths and acid-like sounds.

“Mercy” shows no mercy! Dark and raw textures give this track a unique drive, perfect for the dancefloor.

“Rezo” is packed with hypnotic synths, an aggressive drumline and a sprinkle of acid-like distortions.

Last but not least, “No Answer” is a steady and experimental tune with a punchy and buzzy bass as main driver of the track and surrounded by layers of playfully twisted synths.

“Mercy” shines a light on the endless possibilities one can discover when experimenting with analog synthesizers and showcases Trunkline’s signature sound.


  1. Invasion
  2. More Perc
  3. Vertigo
  4. Overlaps
  5. Lights
  6. Mercy
  7. Rezo
  8. No Answer

Label: Arkham Audio
Artist: Trunkline
Title: Mercy
Format: LP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date: June 3rd, 2022
Cat. No. Arkio15
Distribution: EPM

Pre order: Beatport

Previews/track premieres soon…

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