Ana Lilia – The Voyeur (incl. Soraä Remix)

Kicking off is the powerful ‘The Voyeur’ with spangled synths that bring real dynamism to the straight-ahead techno beats and rugged bass. It is physical but warm and the lithe synth work sounds relayed from the future. ‘Vesuvius’ then cuts loose on a flat-footed, hard edge techno rhythm, with industrial textures and distorted synths taking you to the next level.

‘Muscat’ is an unrelenting banger with lashings of laser-like synth spreading about the mix as chopped-up Indian vocals cut in and out. It’s pure rave energy for vast warehouse spaces. Soraä’s remix is big and bulky, with ghoulish synths and vast, rolling bass that never quits. It’s a wall of impenetrable sound that will lock in any crowd.


  1. The Voyeur
  2. Vesuvius
  3. Muscat
  4. Muscat – Soraä Remix

Artist: Ana Lilia
Title: The Voyeur EP
Label: NowNow Records
Release date: 3rd June 2022
Cat No: NN007
Format: Digital

Pre order (Soon): BeatportBandcamp

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