Robert Hood will re-release a remastered version of ‘Shop / Learn’ originally released in 2002.

The latest release in M-Plant’s Perpetual Masters series sees the reissue of Floorplan‘s ‘Shop / Learn’. The re-release is due out in Vinyl & all digital formats on June 24, 2022.

The tracks were originally released on M-Plant subsidiary label, Duet in 2002 by Robert Hood under his Floorplan moniker (before it became a father-daughter duo). Now, 20 years later these hypnotic grooves are remastered by Thomas Heckmann for a highly demanded re-release.

Definitely a sound that you dont want to miss… specially if it is the first time listening to this fabolous tracks that easy can be track from this era. This is electronic music made to trascend in different times. Very recommendable.

Pre order Vinyl: Soon at Bandcamp

Artist: Floorplan
Title: Shop / Learn
Label: M-Plant
Catalogue No: M.PM42
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release date: 24 June 2022


A. Shop
B. Learn

Listen below to the original version of the track ‘Learn‘ released in 2022: 


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