Gimenö – Movement

‘Movement’ is the first album by Aleix Gimeno aka Gimenö to be released via TUTU on June 27th, 2022.


  1. Ports (Original Mix)
  2. It‘s My Break (Original Mix)
  3. @cid (Original Mix)
  4. Old Trib (Original Mix)
  5. Movement (Original Mix)
  6. DT 001 (Original Mix)
  7. Day One (Original Mix)
  8. Ports (Live Mix)
  9. Finale (Original Mix)

Label: TUTU
Artist: Gimenö
Title: Movement
Format: LP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date: June 27th, 2022
Cat. No. TUTU019
Distribution: Pressology

Listen to the first single on Gimenö’s first album, Movement.

‘Creation without complexes doing what I like the most without the commercial purpose. MOVEMENT symbolizes my musical evolution thanks to the countries and cities/areas where I have lived and I have been impregnated with their tendencies and cultures. It also defines its musical composition (of the album), in sounds and rhythms in constant movement using modulations and polyrhythmic sequences.’

‘It embodies my musical vision within electronica and mainly techno. A journey that shows my musical influence in all my stages as a dj and producer, going back to my musical origins (that few people know) until today. It is the 1st musical delivery on LP of the Gimenö project (more to come), which has been created during the last 4 years with a change in the way of working both in the studio and live. Merging the musical creation with different hardware synthesizers, modulars and analog fx with the latest digital technology of music creation and production.’

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