Axis records unveil Asier Morillas aka A4 new LP, ‘The Future Starts Now’.

Jeff Mills imprint Axis Records welcomes electronic music producer from Irún (Euskadi, Spain) Asier Morillas aka A4, that presents his new 14-Track LP titled ‘The Future Starts Now‘.

The album will be out on June 30th, 2022 in all digital formats via Axis Records. Expect to listen to his personal abstract and cosmic techno, cooked with modular synths and analog machines focused on futuristic sound design and complex arrangements. Such a pleasure to listen to this music. Stay tuned, full details below.

Previews & pre order: Axis Shop

The concept behind this album:

Year 2025 on planet Earth, after a world pandemic, came the world war in 2022, nuclear powers engaged in a violence spiral in the coming years that ended with 75% of the surface contaminated with radiation. A group of conspirators from the scientific underground made a plan to invade the NASA facilities, now abandoned, and take over the remnants of the spaceships still operative to send out from Earth a selection of the survivors of the nuclear war. This is the soundtrack of those spaceships crossing the near universe in search of new places to stay or just to sail forever into the unknown.

Label: AXIS – The Escape Velocity
Artist: A4
Title: The Future Starts Now
Format: Album
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: June 30th, 2022
Cat. No. ASD058
Distribution: AXIS


  1. Setting Up The Plan
  2. Finding New Horizons
  3. Life In Zero Gravity
  4. Total Black
  5. Asteroids Approaching
  6. First Stop The Moon
  7. Camping In The Dark Side Of The Moon
  8. Deep Into The Unknown
  9. The Sound Of Particles
  10. A Blue Planet On Sight
  11. Part Of Their Society
  12. Down The Black Hole
  13. Appearing On A New Galaxy
  14. A Better Future

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