Talented guatemalan Rod V onboard in Soundteller Records with an extraordinary melodic house ’Dreamteller’ release.

Guatemala is a country with a truly selective electronic music scene, I say selective, because is small, everyone knows each other, everyone seems to had worked with each other in some times, and even so, it is a divided scene, that is progressing, but very humble. However, the talent and fabulous musical tastes are well represented there, just a few manage to pass from a thin line, and get to exteriorize his talented productions, even so, talent keeps renewed, and above all, fresh.

The introduction that precedes, is because the following note is about one of those talented Guatemalan DJ and Producers, we are talking about Rodrigo Valdez, better known in the musical field as Rod V. Someone who has structured a delighted style in his tracks and had expressed his original taste in progressive house music in some good labels around the world.

The thing is that he has recently released his latest EP entitled \”Dreamteller\” in a high quality underground electronic music selective label as Soundteller Records. The EP contains the track entitled as the EP –Dreamteller- by Rod V, and features an extraordinary remix by Hot TuneiK and a Lucid Dreaming Mix by GMJ. The EP is now available on Beatport and you can purchase the complete EP or the track you want by following this link: Beatport.

In a general review, the track Dreamteller Original Mix by Rod V is an authentic deep melodic tech-house masterpiece, of course in a progressive path, a very Rod V´s marked style. After listening to this release, it doesnt got me surprise at all, that\’s because i have been following this Guatemalan dj and producer work since a while, having him released tracks in big labels, just to name a few, Ora Recordings, Silk Music, Proton Particles, Visceral and now in Soundteller. This track is reaching good positions in charts all over the globe, having reached top 10 positions in the March Progressive House Chart in Beatport. Read below for full details. 
Here you can listen to track 1: Rod V – Dreamteller on Youtube. 

Overview. We are truly glad to welcome the talented Rod V onboard again, with an outstanding original accompanied by two top notch remixes by GMJ and Hot TuneiK. \’Dreamteller\’ is a deep melodic tech-house masterpiece with an amazing breakdown. GMJ prepared a hypnotic driving version called \’Lucid Dreaming Mix\’ perfect for warm up hours. Last but not least, there comes Hot TuneiK\’s interpretation that is more groovy and has a beautiful modern flavor. Massive pack, don\’t miss it!

Cover Artwork. 
Artist. Rod V
Title. Dreamteller
Label. Soundteller Records
Release date. 2019-05-20
Format. Digital
Cat.Number. ST212


1. Dreamteller Original Mix
2. Dreamteller GMJ Lucid Dreaming Mix
3. Dreamteller Hot TuneiK Remix


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