Joachim Spieth – Texture 40.1 (Claudio PRC Variations)

After contributing a timeless track “Limnic” to the first part of “Affinity” 12″ series in 2015, Affin records is pleased to announce Claudio PRC once again.

Pre order Vinyl: Bandcamp(Presale starting Feb3rd 2023)
Juno (Digital)

The Berlin-based DJ, producer and label owner found the time to submit the musical input for a strictly limited 10″ vinyl alongside his numerous own projects. “Textures 40.1”, a sample of “Textures 1 (Sound Library)” by label founder Joachim Spieth was taken up by Claudio PRC as the epicenter for the two tracks of this limited 10″. The source material was subjected to a detailed elaboration, which in the result takes into account the ambient sound aesthetics, but carries them elegantly on the dancefloor.

The mastering was done by Artefacts Mastering (Berlin) and the graphic design was realized by Markus Guentner.


  1. Texture 40.1 (Claudio PRC reconstruction)
  2. Texture 40.1 (Claudio Prc Atmospheric mix)

Artist. Joachim Spieth
Title. Texture 40.1 (Claudio PRC Variations)
Label. Affin
Release date: 17 February, 2023
Genre: Techno

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