Ritzi Lee – Momentum

In today’s recommendations, Ritzi Lee, aka Steve Liem’s first LP, ‘Momentum’, a fourteen-track movement through the various sounds the Dutch performer has explored in his twenty-plus years of output and marks his return to one of Ben Sims’ imprints, having first released on the UK techno don’s now-defunct Theory Recordings in the mid-2000s.

‘Momentum’ LP is already out via Symbolism. Order: Bandcamp


01 Free Fall
02 Impact
03 Balance
04 Stationary
05 Principle of Least Action
06 Path of Resistance
07 Friction
08 Pointwise Iteration
09 Accelerate
10 S-Waves
11 Inertia System
12 P-Waves
13 Frame of Reference
14 Continuity

Artist: Ritzi Lee
Title: Momentum
Label: Symbolism
Released: 24th March 2023
Format: Digital

“There’s a fine line between all the music I ever released”… “A tension building up, using different layers before reaching a climax –just as with my DJ sets, it’s something of a trademark sound. I don’t want to follow a formula or do what everyone else does. I try to follow my path without getting distracted by hypes or trends in the music.”

Ritzi Lee

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