Elisa Bee – A Place In Space (incl. Cromby remix)

Elisa Bee returned to Stolen Goods Records with two hefty techno workouts and a remix from Cromby.

Order: Beatport


01 A Place In Space
02 A Place In Space (Cromby Remix)
03 There Might Be Other Ways

Artist: Elisa Bee
Title: A Place In Space (incl. Cromby remix)
Label: Stolen Goods Records
Released: 31st March (beatport) / 14th April 2023 (general)
Cat No: SGR004
Format: Vinyl/Digital

The system is down in ‘A Place In Space’, erratic bleeps dart playfully around sequenced sirens as a robotic voice presses the alarm, warning about magnetic failure. There’s no need to panic, Elisa Bee’s masterful groove turns this scene of interplanetary hardship into an exhilarating dancefloor moment, which is expertly remixed next by Irishman Cromby. Guesting on the thus-far all-Italian label, the now Berlin-based Rekids, Craigie Knowes, and Phantasy Sound artist contributes his signature house, techno and trance influences in this deep space offering. Closing out the EP, Elisa’s ‘There Might Be Other Ways’ then fires up the hyperdrives and turns on the strobelights, before slinging itself forward with ceaseless rhythm shot through with flashy synths.

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