Slam\'s new experimental album titled Anthenæum 101 will come out next month on Soma Records.

Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle, or how you know them, Slam, are having a very truly inspiration moment. Although I have not had access to share about the new Slam project, I must say that what I find is an interesting and calm rhytms concept, when I refer to quiet, I mean, deep sounds of peace. In that order, the exotic duo are releasing a new album entitled Anthenæum 101. 

The Glaswegian techno duo, will shift away from their usual techno fare on Anthenæum 101, instead exploring \”leftfield electronica, ambient, dub and experimental\” over 61 continuous minutes at 101 BPM, according to the press release. Their first full-length since 2016\’s Machine Cut Noise will hit stores on November 30th via their own label, Soma Records. 

\”This album is quite personal for me as I\’ve had a challenging year in more ways than one,\” McMillan says, \”so this has been a very cathartic and emotive process for me.\” Go visit the RA website to Listen to a clip of the mix, \”47.40.991.\”

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Slam
Title. Anthenæum 101
Release date. November 30th, 2018.
Label. Soma Records


1. 00.00 
2. 00.48.860 
3. 01.26.732 
4. 03.01.039 
5. 05.09.059 
6. 08.02.970 
7. 09.06.831 
8. 12.37.870 
9. 17.33.850 
10. 21.04.158 
11. 24.42.770 
12. 28.02.376 
13. 33.06.534 
14. 37.17.227 
15. 40.42.771 
16. 43.48.118 
17. 47.40.991 
18. 52.02.376 
19. 55.31.484 
20. 58.04.150

Previews soon.

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