More obscure and dark techno on James Demon brand new EP.

Of course there is a special romance with dark techno music i can\’t denied, so surfing in the web i just discover that James Demon, an artist drawn towards the more obscure, dark, and gothic soundscapes in techno scene, is now emerging from the shadows and he\’s presenting a brand new EP on Occultists, his own label, formed specificaly to feature artists who will emerge from the shadows bringing us to a higher state of being through music and esoteric knowledge.

Listen to Padded Cell full EP on Occultists soundcloud: 

Overview: Emerging from the shadows Occultists presents a brand new EP from label founder James Demon. The EP titled ‘Padded Cell’ is his mystical follow up to last years ‘Alessa‘ and features four different flavors of horror inspired techno offerings. Taking influence from old goth and punk rock as well as his favorite horror films James creates pulsating club tracks for those who aren’t afraid of the dark side.

Cover Artwork.

Label. Occultists 

Artist. James Demon 
Title. Padded Cell 
Format. Digital 
Cat.Number. OCCULT 008 
Release Date. October 26th 2018 
Distribution. Orchard 


01 Padded Cell 

02 Riot Grrrls 
03 Fingernails 
04 The Harves

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