The sixth release on Lounge Squatt is in charge of OutpostLive.

You should look into the upcoming sixth release on Lounge Squatt (a collective label founded in Milan, italy, described as a meeting point of artists and professionals with deep roots in the underground party scene reaching back for over 10 years.) 

Now is the time for the italian Dj and Producer, Outpostlive with a guest appearance by Nothing is Real, the 4-Track release will be available in 300 physical copies on vinyl and the official release date is November 21, 2018. 
Listen up Page 24 recent podcast Recorded by OutpostLive for The Memoir, 2018: 

Overview: The sixth release on Lounge Squatt is from the Italian – based artist Outpostlive with a guest appea- rance by Nothing is Real available in 300 physical copies.
This work is called ‘Vision’, de ned as the faculty of being able to see. It’s the special sense in which the quality of object and entities appears. And exactly like the light rays enter the eye, Outpostlive’s work, lights you up almost naturally.
It’s about something seen and shaped by the powerful act of imagination. This production is a pulsa- ting life in continuous and relentless evolution. Technically awless and aesthetically aware, the artist lead us through this journey of a vision in which things not physically existent, suddenly seems to be vivid and outlined. Every Track is a picture of an unstable heart pulse, something powerful that grows from the inside and then at the end nally blows up, releasing a peaceful stillness.

Cover Artwork.

Label. Lounge Squatt 

Artist. Outpostlive 
Remixer. Nothing Is Real 
Title. Vision 
Format. Vinyl & Digital 
Cat.Number. LNS006 
Release Date. Nov 21st, 2018 (Vinyl), Feb 20th, 2019 (Digital) 
Distribution. Dig Dis 


A1. Plastic Void 

A2. Binary Zero 
B1. Vision 
B2. Vision (NIR Remix)

Previews (soon): 

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