Dive into the depths of Nigh/T\\mare\'s Hypnagogia EP on Thrènes Records.

The brainchild of Italian artist and producer Giuseppe Sciretti, who sets out to channel a unique blend of dark aesthetics, lush atmospherics, and techno beats, most well known as Nigh/T\\mare, brings out the most heavy side witha new release that is tremendous.

Overview: Nigh/T\\mare’s most recent EP, entitled “Hypnagogia” on Thrènes Records, is the perfect example of the artist’s uncompromising attitude. The integral work on this project is the perfect sublimation of experimental overtones, rugged beats, and techno punch, making for a candid, outstanding, and diverse approach with a lot of edge.
The opening track, “Inside Me”, perfectly encapsulates the dark, melancholic atmosphere and the robust dynamism we find throughout the EP. Operating a more technoid and ethereal approach on “Without Believing”, Nigh/T\\mare successfully communicates his urge to express his dystopian feelings of loneliness and despair. The journey continues with \”Deflagration of Hell\”, which comes as a daring lamentation from deep inside the darkness. Killawatt’s rework on this one heads off a bit of the original and discharges its emotional intensity by offering a new audaciously powerful dynamic. Finally, “Despite Everything” keeps the perfectly balanced feel of the EP; it offers a subtle touch of dreaming and a hidden optimism. The digital edition includes an exclusive track and a longer version of Kilawatt’s interpretation.

Listen to Intramural Podcast #033 by Nigh/T\\mare:

Cover Artwok.

Label. Thrènes Records 

Artist. Nigh/T\\mare 
Title. Hypnagogia EP 
Format. Vinyl & Digital 
Cat.Number. thrns004 
Release Date. October 12th, 2018 
Distribution. SRD (Southern Record Distributors) 

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