Morgen Wurde & Tis featuring Tetsuroh Konishi – Deutet

All eyes on Jazz-o-Tech‘s upcoming forward looking techno-jazz and deep/soulful project straight from Berlin’s fertile scene. It’s a new EP featuring an intriguing collaboration between German producers Morgen Wurde & Tis, and the Japanese avant-gard trumpet player Tetsuroh Konishi.

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The 5-Track EP titled ‘Deutet’ is due to September 24th, and its special, as it expresses an intensely evocative almost spiritual soul, thanks to Konishi’s inspired trumpet playing which cuts across the deep and dark grooves set by Wurde and Tis, giving the tracks a real sense of transcendence. Stay tuned, read full details below.

Morgen Wurde devotes himself to setting the unfathomable wonder of the Dasein to emotive music, creating the „Morgen Wurde“ form of haunting lyric soundscapes: the majestic and threatening ambivalence of the forces of nature, set to dark romantic fusions of ambient and neo-classical music. Since 2015, six Morgen Wurde album CDs appeared on Off Rec. (Brussels), Time Released Sound (Alameda) and Frozen Light (Moscow), plus EPs, remixes, and contributions to recent episodes of the iconic annual Pop Ambient compilation series on Kompakt Records, curated by Wolfgang „Gas“ Voigt.

Intense psychedelic soundscapes also characterize the sound of Tis. Rooted in the minimal techno genre, he doesn‘t dwell on standard synthesizer sounds but sets himself apart from the crowd, drawing upon a rich spectrum of electroacoustic sounds, driven by irresistible grooves. The work of the Hamburg-based artist has taken on epic proportions under various project names on his own labels, formerly Verform Records and now Roo Records.

On their latest adventures for Jazz-o-Tech, avant-garde trumpeter Tetsuroh Konishi from Saitama, Japan, joined them with ingenious evocative playing, deepening the transcendent experience.


  1. Richtet (feat. Tetsuroh Konishi)
  2. Deutet (feat Tetsuroh Konishi)
  3. Wahrt
  4. Deutet (Deep Edit)
  5. Deutet (Synthese Remix)

Label: Jazz-O-Tech
Artist: Morgen Wurde & Tis featuring Tetsuroh Konishi
Remixers: Synthese
Title: Deutet
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: September 24th, 2021
Cat. No. JOT021
Distribution: FUGA

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