Selected release: André Schneider – Reaktor (Sound Kleckse Records)

André Schneider is a German DJ and producer. Early on he recognized his preference for deep, pressing basses, dark melodies and unusual types of the genre techno. He experiments with many different ways of rediscovering techno again and again. At the beginning of 2020 he released his first single \”The Dark Side\” and shortly after that \”Lost in Amsterdam\”. 

His next release is \”Reaktor EP\”, to be out on July 14, 2020 on the Independent Label based in Germany founded by Jens Mueller in 2009, Sound Kleckse Records. 

Artist. André Schneider
Title. Reaktor
Label. Sound Kleckse Records
Release date. July 14, 2020
Format. Digital.


Andre Schneider – Reaktor (Original Mix)
Andre Schneider – SchwarzWeiss (Original Mix)
Andre Schneider – Centraal (Original Mix)

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