One of the biggest names in the world wide techno scene, UMEK,  is back on his label 1605 with a very emotive and thrilling EP entitled ‘Watchers of the Sky‘. This 2-track release features a collaboration with Mha Iri who has become a regular on the imprint. Alongside the collaboration, the second track on the EP showcases UMEK’s electro focused alter ego Zeta Reticula. The EP is scheduled to be released this friday August 27, 2021. Stay tuned and read the full details below.


Musician and filmmaker Domingæ makes her appearance in Sacred Bones Records with a new debut solo album titled ‘Æ‘. The LP is due out September 10 in digital & October 10 in vinyl.

Written and recorded across different locations, ‘Æ‘ sound is a beautiful mixture between groovy, hypnotic, darkening electronic & a minimal sound yet rich in textures. It’s definitely our duty to recommend this very impressive upcoming LP.

“Music that hears you, inside of Æ, you are the music hearing the relentless heartbeats of our decaying biotechnological avatars.”

— Domingæ

Listen below to the sophomore single ‘Archaeans’, which features in this album and read the full story.


Jeff Mills label ‘Axis Records‘ never seems to disappoint with the selection of avant-garde music release after release. Now the legendary imprint welcomes Hemissi (also known as 13130 Space project), who presents a beautiful cosmic/sci-fi techno 9-track LP that has been entitled ‘Primitive Atom‘. The concept behind this album relies on the chronology of the universe since it began. All stages until today.

This record is definitely a big achievement for Hemissi’s phenomenal sound, that goes very well with the label style. ‘Primitive Atom‘ is going to be released this August 27 via Axis, and it’s our duty to highly recommend it. Lear more about this concept album below.


Featuring techno tracks at its finest, Arkham Audio announced an upcoming compilation, ‘Arkham Friends Part 1 & 2‘ that is coming out this september 2021. Part 1 is constructed of 10 quality tracks that speak many different tongues of techno, while Part 2 turns up the intensity to the maximum with 9 slamming club ready tracks.

The compilation features music from big players like Roman Poncet, Insolate, Dustin Zahn, DJ T-1000, CYRK, Denise Rabe, Luis Flores, J Blofield, Crashguard, K-Ten, Drumcell, Zadig, Joe Farr, Oliver Deutschmann, Florian Meindl, Kaiser, Madben, Cri Du Coeur & MARHU. Stay tuned and read full details below.


It’s out today via Anthony Naples label ‘Incienso, the Marco Shuttle new single ‘Acrobat‘.(You can hear it below)

Marco Shuttle is known for that organic yet meticulous, visual yet tripping trademark, you could find him edificating marvelous travel routes (DJsets) whenever he plays.

The single came out with the announcement of Shuttle’s third album ‘Cobalt Desert Oasis‘ landing by mid-October 2021. The album features a varied collection of music recorded across a two-year period. Often traveling to remote destinations, Marco would come back to Berlin with field recordings, images, and other inspirations to process in his studio and turn into sound.


Berlin based Cuban-American producer and sound designer Joey Blush aka Blush Response announced new album ‘RECONSTITUTION‘, which is a seven-track LP presented as a forward sonic exploration. The release is going out in Cassette and Digital formats on August 31st 2021 via his own MEGASTRUCTURE. Prepare your minds for sonic blastoff with this one. Full details below.


Without a doubt, this year already belongs to South African-born, Amsterdam-based Lee Ann Roberts. Her sound is fascinating, highly recommended if you are looking for novelty, and a very sophisticated range of beats that goes from acid and Hard to off-grid techno sounds. Last month we announced her phenomenal ‘Reality Bytes’ EP which comes out next week (13th August 2021), and of course, there is more coming out from this brilliant new school techno star.


For another remarkable release in James Ruskin’s label Blueprint Records, and to continue to celebrate 25 years of the label at the forefront of Techno, comes Dustin Zahn, with his debut EP titled ‘Hand Over Control‘, that is coming out in September. This phantastic 4-track bundle is “dark enough for the boys, but groovy enough for the girls” says Zahn.


Eva Swan is continuing with a strong run of heavy-duty self-released singles, and just announced her new mesmerizing one-track EP titled ‘RED’. The track was made experimenting with Roland TB-303, 90’s feeling for the kick, HiHats kept raw, short breaks, everything showcasing pure 909 sounds. The record is coming out on September 18th, 202 via her own record imprint. Full details below.

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Collective Details is a very interesting label and collective of users who hang around the Discord Server and Twitch Stream that have in common ideologies and musical taste. After six strong releases on the community run label, the Collective Details crew marches on announcing the release of ‘Collective Details from the Vault Vol. 1‘ on August 27th. The VA feature tracks and remixes from Bastian Horro, KRISSFA, Diepzeebeest, Amby Iguous, 4625kHz, Test Mode, Anade and more. Read the full story below.  


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Fanzine Records announced an upcoming release by Roi is coming out this august 2021. The new material is a very recommendable 4-track EP that has been entitled ‘Crunia‘ and features two original mixes, also includes remixes from renowned British producer Carl Finlow, and equally prolific German artist The Exaltics. Stay tuned and check out the full details below.


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Enclosed Order imprint welcomes another thrilling techno EP ‘Enclosed 05‘. This is the fifth release by Northern Irish producer Ethical Governor, and puts out an array of uncontrollably ripping techno tracks that penetrate the constructs and allow you to expose the inner fury. The release date for this very recommendable record has been settled for September 1st, 2021, and will come out in Vinyl and Digital formats. Stay tuned, read full details below.

Tracks description.

‘Control The Narrative’ is a dark, relentless force featuring low frequencies that shake foundations to the core and puncture your chest with undeniable potency.

The Chaos becomes addictive on ‘Dire Acropolis’ as a vast array of percussion and broken kick-drum drive you through a sinister world of wicked melodies.

‘Ligature Marks’ sets up a rock-hard backbone before building layers of distorted lasers firing through the night, crisp hi-hats, alarms sounding, and a tension that can be cut with a knife.

‘Swear Upon Satan’ is a room-shattering track with aggressive hooks and devilishly good intensity that transports you to a booming club dancefloor.

These tracks form the EP entitled ‘Enclosed 05’ and are the follow-up to Tony McMurray’s last pounding techno release via his Enclosed Order imprint. An impending wave of well-crafted and creative frequencies, this release is a force to be reckoned with.

Label: Enclosed Order
Artist: Ethical Governor
Title: Enclosed 05
Format: EP
Release Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: September 1st, 2021
Genre: Dub Techno
Distribution: Triple Vision / Envelope Structure


01 Control The Narrative
02 Dire Acropolis
03 Ligature Marks
04 Swear Upon Satan

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For a memorable release, UMEK’s label 1605 welcomes an EP from Rebel Boy & Sam WOLFE, who return to the imprint with a juggernaut 2-track EP entitled ‘Psalm 39‘, after previously featuring on the ‘Desiderati 4.6’ various artist release. The release date has been settle for this Friday, August 6, 2021. Stay tuned, read full details below.


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Justin Cudmore and Hiroko Yamamura came together and announced the release of a new EP entitled ‘Midwest Panic’ via HE.SHE.THEY. Featuring pleasent acid sounds, elastic drums and freaky synths, this record perfectly encapsulates their shared queer scene experiences and formative years growing up in Chicago. The EP will come out on 13th August 2021 accompainned with a tremendous remix by Hearthrob. Full details below.


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One of the most in-demand artists around, Eats Everything (AKA Daniel Pearce) announced the new ‘Return To Hardbag EP’ as his debut on Patrick Topping’s label Trick. The three-track record delivers high energy jams, celebrating the short-lived but iconic ‘Hardbag’ genre from the mid 90s, with all three featuring vocalist Frankco Harris, a performer and host from NYC. Daniel (Eats Everything) said: “These tracks are for the party, they are for inclusivity & they are not meant to be taken too seriously

‘Return to Hardbag’ drops on Trick on 27th August 2021. Full details below.


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Top producer Héctor Oaks is releasing a 12” in collaboration with Berlin singer Coco-Paloma. The upcoming EP has been entitled ‘No Hay Mañana‘, and will be out November 5th through a special collaboration between his own label KAOS with Berlin’s virtual club and label Club Qu (FKA Club Quarantäne). The collaboration of these two artists with completely different backgrounds but a shared love for electronic music is what makes their debut EP so intriguing. Full details below. 

Take a look below to the new music video for ’No Hay Mañana’ by Héctor Oaks x Coco-Paloma: 


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Local Suicide is launching their new and very own label ‘Iptamenos Discos’ with a phenomenal single titled ‘This Is Iptamenos Discos‘, offering proper sounds from the dark corners of space bringing together spooky drones and spiralling melodies that hover like an incoming force from beyond. The record is set to be released this Friday July 30 in 12” (Dubplate) and digital formats, and it sounds very proper, of course. Stay tuned, full details below.


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Having as usual, this kind of energetic tunes released, Metodi Hristov’s imprint Set About welcomes an EP from Milan-born artist Stiv Hey who is a rising star of the Italian techno scene boasting releases on other labels including SCI+TEC, Respekt, FORM, Codex and Octopus.

This is Stiv Hey’s second solo EP for Set About and his fourth release in total including two solo tracks released on various artist compilations. He is fast becoming a label favourite whose tracks can often be heard in the sets of people ranging from Dubfire to Sven Väth. ‘Basss Evolution‘ EP is scheduled to be released this friday July 30, 2021. Full details below.


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The Paris-born artist, Casual Treatment arrives into the Jeff Mill’s imprint Axis, with a very interesting avant-garde and futuristic album that explores the different elements behind this query through some concepts used to seek to discover what made existence on Earth possible. The 18-Track LP entitled ‘The Appearance Of Life‘ is coming out on August 6th, 2021 digitally. Stay tuned, full detail below.